City Agrees To Pay Boston, Massachusetts Meter Maid $200,000 After She Was Accosted While Working.

Employers have the responsibility and duty of creating a safe, controlled work environment.  If an employer’s actions or negligence injures an employee, they may be held liable in a personal injury case for the expenses and personal injury damages that arise.  That seems obvious.  What may be less obvious to injured employees is that they may be compensated for injuries that happen while working that may not be directly caused by their employer.  When an employee is injured while working, sometimes even by a third party or other outside influence, the employer may still be liable for the injuries that befall their employee.

No motorist likes meter maids.  We have all experienced at one time or another being ticketed because we improperly parked for only a few minutes.  We may have run into a store to quickly buy something or our meter may have run out of time only two minutes before we could add just one more quarter.  While it may be frustrating to get a fine for such a minor infraction, meter maids are just local civil servants trying to do their job and make a living.  While it is understandable to be frustrated at the situation, it is not acceptable for a motorist to take that frustration out on the meter maid personally.

Unfortunately for meter maid Christi Noviello, that is exactly what one Boston, Massachusetts motorist did.  After shouting at her, the motorist reportedly threw hot coffee at Noviello, causing first-degree burns to her face.  The motorist was arrested, but that did little to compensate Noviello for her medical expenses and pain and suffering.  To recover for her personal injuries, Noviello filed a worker’s compensation lawsuit against her employer, the City of Boston.  Since the injury did occur while Noviello was working, the City of Boston agreed to pay her $200,000 for her injuries.

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