Construction Worker Air-Lifted to Hospital After Serious Accident.

Worker’s compensation exists so that when, and if, an employee is disabled by an on-the-job injury, he or she will receive payment for medical bills and their lost wages, without legal battles to prove negligence.  Worker’s compensation laws provide compensation to family members of a loved one who has been injured and also provide benefits for families of those employees who are killed while working at their places of employment. When the work performed is inherently dangerous, such as in construction, worker’s compensation guarantees an employee financial security after a serious injury.

One construction worker from Lincoln, Nebraska is going to need worker’s compensation benefits after the serious injuries he suffered this week. The 62-year-old worker had to be flown to a nearby hospital after being injured on the job site. It was about 8:15 am at Southwest 40th and West A streets at the time of the accident. The worker was helping build a bridge. According to, a circular saw got caught on part of the worker’s clothing and jerked inward, slicing open part of his abdomen. Emergency crews were called, and eventually a medical helicopter was needed to quickly get him to a qualified emergency room.

Fortunately, the construction worker is going to live and is recovering from surgery. It may be months, however, before he is able to resume work again, and he may never be able to work at full capacity again. In instances such as this, worker’s compensation is essential for an injured employee and his or her family.

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