Texas Worker Injured After Falling Off Roof Awarded $1.36 Million.

When you are hired to work on a building or structure, you have the expectation that the conditions you will be working under will be safe. If there is something unsafe about the conditions, that cannot be remedied, you have the reasonable expectation you will be warned about such dangers prior to working on the building. When you are not told about these conditions and you are gravely hurt, those responsible for your injuries should be required to pay money damages to you.

Honorio Barragan was hired to repair the roof of a company building owned by an unstated defendant. The building contained an unsafe awning. Mr. Barragan stood on the awning, at the owner’s specific instruction. The awning then fell to the ground, along with the plaintiff. When Mr. Barragan fell, a bucket of hot tar spilled on top of him, causing severe burns to his body.

The lawsuit was filed in the Harris County, Texas court. Attorney Don Worley is representing Mr. Barragan. The lawsuit alleges that the defendant should have warned the plaintiff of the potential for danger. By failing to do so, Mr. Barragan was allegedly subjected to an unreasonable risk of harm. During the trial, Mr. Barragan stated that he suffered severe mental anguish, permanent scarring, substantial and permanent pain, and tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

The judge has rendered an award for Mr. Barragan for $1.36 million.

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